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About Glitched

Glitched strives to be more than just another guild; we are a community. We are not a hard core anything except for fun! Glitched has some wonderful people with a wide range of play times, styles, and experience who enjoy gaming together.

Check the bad attitudes at the door. If you can't be nice to people this is definitely not the guild for you. We understand that every once in awhile people have a bad day, but repeatedly provoking, insulting, throwing a tantrum, or being mean may result in removal from the guild. We are here to have fun and play casually. Being disrespectful, criticizing, or bashing us is not acceptable.

We are a helpful guild, but we are not here to power level people or constantly run people through dungeons. We have very generous and helpful folks here, but you are expected to make an effort on your own too. If you are willing to help people, people are more willing to help you. What goes around, comes around.

We have organized raid groups. Each raiding group raids at it's own pace and level depending on group make-up and Raid Leader. If you are looking for a guild that is strict, hard core, or goes for realm firsts, this is probably not the guild for you. We are here to play at our own pace and enjoy each other's company. Joining the guild does not immediately get you into a raid group unless you were recruited to fill a spot.

If you are looking for a casual group of fun, mature folks who enjoy gaming together then look no further. We are making an effort to see end game content, but it will most likely take us longer to get there. We need patient people who are willing to help out in that effort. If you aren't a raider and would rather quest and play casually you are welcome here too. Raiding and gear is not a requirement to be in the guild. We have no expectations of members other than following the guild rules.

If you have any questions about the Glitched guild, please feel free to PM one of the guild Overlords or Nerf Herders.

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